Top 11 Best Laptops with DVD/CD Drives Built in [Affordable]

There was a time when most of the high-end laptops came with a CD/DVD drive which made them capable of reading and writing a DVD disc. However, so much has changed over the last few years and as of now most of the high-performance laptops do skip a DVD reader in them, to make laptops lightweight.

Although having a CD/DVD drive reader in a laptop is a great utility, but many brands have removed it because it makes the machine heavy. In the past few years there’s a change in the way how information is exchanged, few of the situations have been listed below:

  • We now have services such as Amazon Prime or Netflix for watching movies.

  • Most of the softwares that were previously available in CD/DVD discs are now easily downloadable.

  • USB & External HDDs are faster and an efficient way to transfer data from one PC to another.

If you are currently looking forward to buying a laptop that comes with a DVD drive, it is either going to be an entry-level model or you’ll have to spend a little more. You surely don’t want to end-up buying an outdated machine just because it has DVD reader?

To help you find the right machine, we decided to do a huge research and came up with the list of machines that not only comes with a CD/DVD disc reader, but also comes with latest specs.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Make a note that, most laptops with DVD drives do not offer the best possible computer using experience. However, we have reviewed some of the best laptops with DVD drives in the market and have made sure that the same machine can do normal stuff as well.

CPU: We recommend that the laptop with a DVD drive should have at least a dual-core processor with 2.5GHz clock speed. We recommend getting a laptop with a modern Intel processor, which makes the laptop energy efficient and perform all the tasks without any issue.

GPU: If you are looking for a laptop with a DVD drive, then a laptop with an integrated GPU should do the work. However, we have also included some of the laptops that offer a dedicated GPU so that one can play the latest games without any issue. Do note that, having a laptop with at least 2GB GPU is very important in this modern age.

Display: Depending on the user-requirement, one can get a laptop with a 12-inch, 13-inch, or even a 15-inch laptop. Besides the screen size, make sure that the laptop will have at least an HD resolution screen. However, the recommended screen resolution is 1080p and one can also opt for a laptop with a 2K resolution screen for an enhanced laptop user experience.

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